Award Nomination Guidelines

  1. Nominations for any award may be submitted by any member of the public. You may make one nomination in any category. All nominations will be considered in the year presented, plus one additional year.
  2. All award nominations, including all supporting documents and letters of support, if applicable, must be received online by September 30, 2018. Late entries will not be considered until the 2019 awards cycle.
  3. Each nomination should include a narrative(s) as to why the nominee is eligible for the award.
  4. Narratives should be no more than two pages (11-point format with 1” margins). Narratives should contain complete, clear and concise sentences.
  5. Supporting documents are accepted, but should only enhance the narrative and not be used instead of the narrative to answer the criteria. No more than 3 pages, please. When including supporting documents, the narrative should discuss the documents. Do not introduce new information in the supporting documents.
Selection Process

Recipients will be selected by the AIM High awards committee comprised of board members of Alternatives in Motion and select members of the endurance community.

Presentation of Awards

Nominees should be willing to accept the award, if granted, at the 2018 AIM High Endurance Awards Event on November 16, 2018.

Award Nomination Form

Please select award category:

Nominator Information

 *If Applicable

 *If Applicable 

Nominee Information

 *If nominating a group of individuals please include additional names

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 Attach narratives enumerating each criteria of the selected award category completely, clearly, and concisely. If applicable, please provide any additional supporting documents you feel are necessary for your nominee. 

 Use this section to upload any additional documents or your narrative if you had trouble in the last section. File Must be less than 2MB or it will not send.